At Lakeview we take seriously God’s command to Love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. God’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves; and God’s command to make disciples.  We believe that the very foundation of these three commandments is found in relationship. Relationship with God, with self (knowing myself as only God can show me), and with others (loving others as only God can enable me).  We also believe that these relationships are best developed and grown in a small group setting.  


It is our desire to invest our time and resources in what we most value, for that reason we are introducing Temple Courts. Temple Courts is designed to allow space for us to grow deeper in our relationship with God and each other through a focused time on Communion, time in small groups, and time in a corporate praise and thanksgiving service.

November 5th
We will gather downstairs in the Fellowship Hall for a light Continental Breakfast, fellowship, and communion.

On November 12th and 26th we will gather in the sanctuary at 10 a.m. for a short opening session, we will then break up into small groups.  


Music:  led by Susan Siverson and Tim Gatlin

  • Meets in the Sanctuary
  • For those who want to sing!


Prayer: led by Darryl Heasley

  • Meets in the library
  • Open to come and go as needed


Life Points: Led by Pastor Dave and David Siverson

  • Meets in the Fellowship Hall
  • Living out biblical principles on a daily   basis


Keeping the Sabbath (W)ho(l)ly: Led by Pastor Jodi

  • Meets in the Fireside room
  • Explores what scripture says about the Sabbath and asks the question “How can I keep the Sabbath in my life?”
November 19th
At 10 a.m. we will come together in the Sanctuary for a time of praise and thanksgiving